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      2. Purchasing various specifications of quality water pump products

        Is it always troubled?

        Water pump product system solution


        product center

        Looking for a reliable pump and valve manufacturer?
        You are welcome to call for consultation


        What do we mainly do?


        No negative pressure water supply equipment


        The equipment is directly connected in series with the municipal water pipe network, fully enclosed, and foreign objects cannot enter the pipe network system; air cannot directly contact the pipe network and the water passing through the equipment, and the water quality has no secondary pollution; the steady flow regulating tank meets food hygiene standards Made of stainless steel material, will not breed microorganisms and other harmful substances, and users can really use sanitary drinking water. MORE

        Choose our3Big reason

        Gaoshi pump valve shows you the ability of pump valve customization
        Is your trusted partner

        More than 10 years of industry experience, reliable quality

        The company has independent testing equipment and a group of experienced technicians. Relying on the company's technology, the company's various water pumps have been widely used in industrial pressurization and urban drainage supply, etc.

        Products have passed the inspection and certification of authoritative institutions

        Focus on product design and research and development, product design is beautiful, reasonable price and timely delivery. All products have passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification and 3CF national compulsory certification.

        Careful materials, longer life

        After Gao Shi receives the steel from the supplier, it will conduct various physical and mechanical tests on it. Metallurgy, hardness, tensile, ductility, compression, impact, abrasion, corrosion and machinability, etc.
        equipment Exhibition


        Shanghai Gaoshi Pump & Valve Co., Ltd.

        Shanghai Gaoshi Pump & Valve Co., Ltd. focuses on the production of pipeline centrifugal pumps, sewage pumps, multi-stage pumps, 3CF fire pumps, 3CF fire booster and stabilized equipment, 3CF fire control cabinets, 3CF low frequency inspection cabinets, self-priming pumps, and magnetic pumps , Chemical pumps, oil pumps and complete sets of non-negative pressure water supply equipment, non-negative pressure steady flow tanks, complete sets of domestic fire-fighting constant-pressure water supply equipment, sewage lifting devices, domestic fire-fighting control cabinets, sewage, pressure control cabinets and other product design and development , Product design is novel, reasonable price and timely delivery. All products have passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification and 3CF national compulsory certification.

        company news


        Technical article


        Committed to the production and development of pumps and valves, creating more infinite possibilitiesAll product pictures and promotional pictures on this website belong to Gao Shi, and no individual or organization may use it. Any misappropriation will be punished.


        National Service Hotline


        Address: Shaochang North District, Si Tuan Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai

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